In addition to our portable restroom service we also offer a few other services including; Hauling large equipment, Fresh water delivery, and Waste holding tanks.


Bishop's Rollback/Flatbed Service - we have a 26' flatbed truck that can handle transporting your large equipment or car/truck to a location of your choice. Give us a call at 570-358-1211 if you have something big that needs to be moved. You won't beat our rates!!!


     Rollback Service (ex. Vehicle towing): $120.00 per Hour


     Flatbed Service (ex. Equipment Hauling): $80.00 per Hour





The load cannot be more than 8' wide and 9' tall. The length cannot exceed 26', and the weight cannot exceed 16 tons.


Fresh Water Delivery - we have a truck with the ability to haul up to 3,000 gallons of fresh water. If you have a need to haul a large quantities of water give us a call or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.



Waste Holding Tanks - we have holding tanks attached to work trailers so extra restroom facilities are not needed outside of what the trailer is already equipped with.  Anywhere from one to several tanks can be hooked up to one trailer depending on the need. Our tanks have a 250 gallon capacity, are durable, sit low to the ground, and have several ports for installing tank alarms and attaching them to one another.



Please Note: Holding tanks require a permit form the local sanitation department before we can install or service them.



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